Project Management

"invaluable and reassuring"

Our project management services...

We specialise in providing Project Management services for private clients on major domestic alteration works, extensions and 'new builds'. We also consider similar work in the commercial sector.

Ideally, we like to be on board at the very concept of a project. We can then assess your needs, create an outline design solution that reflects your prime requirements, and provide feasibility costings before you commit to any great expenditure. We can then suggest design professionals ideally suited to your project and provide budget estimates throughout the design process. Regrettably, we are most often appointed after this stage, when the design has already escalated out of hand.

Once the design is agreed, we can suggest a shortlist of suitable contractors, produce tender documentation that will minimise future variations, invite tenders and assess submitted prices. We advise on how best to trim or expand the project to best suit your requirements in line with the contractor's submitted pricing. Once the scope of work is decided, we can then draw up a formal contract between you and the contractor.

We generally act as Contract Administrator throughout the project, as the hub for communications between you, the contractor, and the design team. We typically chair monthly site meetings and issue minutes to all parties, ensuring clarity and minimising miscommunications. We assess and negotiate the contractor's monthly payment applications. We continue to monitor and negotiate variation costs throughout the construction phase, before negotiating the final account with the main contractor. All this with your interests at heart.

The earlier, the better...

As mentioned, we like to be on board at the very concept of a project... and there is a very good reason for this. Architects are specialists in design, and any cost advice they give is only a secondary service. By contrast, cost guidance is our area of expertise and we have accurate, detailed, and up-to-date cost data. Our advice can therefore be relied upon with confidence. We feel it makes sense to establish an accurate estimated value for your project as early as possible, to then enable the project concept to be adapted to suit your budget before committing to an expensive design with false expectations.

Is it worth the expense?...

Almost certainly 'Yes'! We cannot guarantee this as each project is different but, to date, we have never been known not to save more money than we cost. Our worth increases with the size of the project. For instance, on a project worth around £300K, we would typically expect to save you around 2 to 5 times the value of our fees. On a larger project, say £1M in value, we would expect to save between 3 and 10 times our fees. As a rule, our services become unviable for projects under £100K. However, despite any monetary gain, we believe our value lies in shouldering the anxiety and workload associated with running a major building venture.